About Us

MuniPriceTracker is a web-based data and technology firm providing bond tracking and pricing transparency to verify compliance with municipal market regulations. Founded in 2010, MuniPriceTracker was conceptualized as a tool for issuers, bond counsels, and Municipal Advisors to ensure that an issuer’s bonds meet the pricing and arbitrage rules established by the IRS regulations governing tax-exempt bonds.  Initial utilization of MuniPriceTracker’s service and reports was influenced by the then newly created Build America Bonds financing mode.  Since then, issuers and counsels have continued to use MuniPriceTracker’s data and reports to track bond trading activity for traditional tax-exempt bonds for both compliance and performance purposes.

MuniPriceTracker was created and is staffed by a group of professionals that have served the municipal bond market in various capacities such as financial advisors, investment bankers, underwriters, and traders, among other roles.  Their collective experience includes over 75 years of work in the public finance sector and thousands of municipal transactions.

As an independent, data-driven compliance reporting service, MuniPriceTracker is not affiliated with any bank, dealer, or financial services provider, nor is it a registered Municipal Advisor.  Our role is strictly to provide the information needed by issuers, their counsels, and their advisors to determine whether the issuer’s bonds were sold in compliance with existing regulations.

Affiliated Companies

MuniPriceTracker is affiliated with two related companies:

Blue Rose Capital Advisors, LLC - Blue Rose is a Municipal Advisor providing advisory services to a wide range of tax-exempt issuers.

HedgeStar, LLC – HedgeStar is an independent valuation agent providing valuation and hedge accounting solutions to public and private sector clients.

For more information about MuniPriceTracker, please contact us:

Phone: (800) 723-3994

E-mail:  info@munipricetracker.com