Muni Price Tracker

What is a muni price tracker?  Technically, MuniPriceTracker (MPT) is a monitoring and reporting service to help track bond trading and manage compliance with regulations.  Our users include issuers, advisors, dealers and bond counsels. Take a look at our  Sample Reports to see how we can help you.

With our new issue early detection system, you will be notified of potential trading issues on your deals, so you can address them before closing. MuniPriceTracker also provides additional analytics such as potential trade price adjustment to interest rate market movement.

As the IRS is beginning to audit many Build America Bonds (BABs), the MuniPriceTracker service could be a valuable tool in completing your compliance check questionnaire. MuniPriceTracker is an independent company providing unbiased, simplified reports for your bond compliance.

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