MuniPriceTracker Sponsors 35th NABL Workshop

10/19/2010 8:44 AM

MuniPriceTracker is proud to announce our sponsorship of the National Association of Bond Lawyers 35th Bond Attorneys' Workshop, October 27–29, 2010, at the Grand Hyatt San Antonio, Texas.

Muni Price TrackerMuniPriceTracker is a new automated bond tracking system that helps assure compliance with tax code regulations through daily monitoring of trading activity.  If potential compliance issues are detected, automatic notifications are sent to bond counsel and/or the issuer, allowing time to address pricing anomalies with the underwriter before closing.  Our comprehensive reports, provided at closing, include in-depth analysis of whether market movements account for trades that otherwise fall outside the IRS's accepted parameters.

Stop by our booth to find out how MuniPriceTracker's automated bond tracking system can work for you!